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Prescient Private Academy NPC exists as a biblically based religious organisation that supports families who choose to give their children a Christian education, based in the Christian worldview and moral convictions that are expressed in the School’s:

● Vision and Mission statement
● School Values
● Philosophy of Education
● Statement of faith
● Family values

We exist to serve families with whom we partner to train, educate and disciple young people to be confident, secure and influential members of society, modelling the goodness, fame and kindness of God to generations to come.

We believe that our life purpose, identity and significance are only revealed in God and that the purpose of education is to assist children to discover their purpose and identity, and to equip them with the necessary skills to fulfill this purpose in a meaningful way.

We believe in educating the whole child, encompassing the spiritual, mental, intellectual, physical, social and emotional dimensions of the individual and that the spiritual dimension permeates all areas of life and learning.

Our children are encouraged to learn at their best and we teach toward learning for understanding. It is vital that children have critical thinking and problem-solving skills and can apply these in life.

The staff at Prescient Primary School aim to create an environment where children can be themselves, feel secure, are nurtured and are taught to be responsible, caring and self-motivated individuals.

“We will not hide them from their children,

Telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord,

And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.”

Psalm 78:4

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